What are the participating products in the QV Cashback promotion?

Participating Products in the Promotion are:

  • QV Gentle Wash 1.25KG
  • QV Gentle Wash 1L
  • QV Skin Lotion 1.25L
  • QV Cream 1KG
  • QV Wash 1L
  • QV Skin Lotion 1L
  • QV Wash 1.25L
  • QV Bath Oil 1.25L
  • QV Bath Oil 1L
  • QV Intensive Cleanser 1KG


How much Cashback will I receive?

$5 Cashback


When can I make a claim?

Claims can be made at www.qvcashback.com.au for products purchased between 12.01am AEST on 21/08/2020 and ends at 11:59pm AEST on 30/09/2020. All Claims must be received by 11:59PM AEDT on 7th October 2020.


How many times can I claim a Cashback?

There is a limit of 1 claim per household in the promotion. 


What Proof of Purchase do I need to provide?

You must provide an itemised purchase receipt. The receipt must clearly show the participating product purchased, the store where the product was purchased and the date and time the purchase was made.


How will I receive my cashback?

Claims can nominate to receive the Cashback to be paid into an Australian bank account, or sent in the form of a Digital Mastercard, alternatively you may select to have your Cashback donated to the Smith Family.


How long will it take to receive my money back?

Once you have submitted your claim it will be validated within 2 business days. Once validated please allow up to 5 business days for payment to be processed.


Where can I find the terms and conditions?

You can find the terms and conditions here.


I didn’t receive an email confirming my claim?

Please make sure you cheque your spam and junk email folders if you have not received an email in your inbox.  


How do I activate my Mobile Mastercard from QV?

  1. You'll receive an SMS from ‘Vault’ with an activation code.
  2. Click the link in the text message and you'll be directed to your device's app store to install the Vault Payments app. (Or if you’ve previously installed the Vault Payments app, click the link and go to step 4.)
  3. Click the option to install and then open the Vault Payments app.
  4. When prompted enter your mobile number and the activation code from the SMS.
  5. Read and accept the Vault Payments Terms & Conditions.
  6. You'll then see your QV Mobile Mastercard in the app, and you're ready to add it to your device wallet for in-store or online purchases


How do I add my Mobile Mastercard to my device wallet?

First, enter your activation code to access your Mastercard in the Vault Payments app. Then you can press "Add card to wallet" in the app to add to Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay. If your phone is paired with an Apple Watch, you can choose to add your card to the wallet on your phone, the wallet on your watch, or both.


How do I use my Mobile Mastercard for in-store purchases?

Once you've added your card to your Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay wallet, you can use your phone to "tap and go" at contactless point of sale terminals (look for the Contactless, Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay logo).


How do I use my Mobile Mastercard for online purchases?

Your QV Mobile Mastercard is a digital Mastercard; you'll just need your card number, expiry date and CVC number. In the Vault Payments app, tap the card once to view your card number and expiry date. Tap twice to see the CVC number.


I can’t activate my card. What do I do now?

Please Contact Us and our team will investigate this for you, and come back to you within 2 business days.


I have more questions about my Mobile Mastercard and using the Vault app

Click here to learn more about the Vault app, and Mobile Mastercards, or contact if you are having trouble using your Mobile Mastercard.


I would like to donate my Cashback to The Smith Family, when will this be processed?

All Cash Back claims that are donated to the Smith Family will be transferred at the conclusion of the promotion period.


I would like to learn more about The Smith Family. 

The Smith Family believes every child deserves a chance, no matter their circumstances. By supporting their education, we help disadvantaged young Australians to create better futures for themselves. Want to know more? Click here.


I have a problem with my Cashback claim who should I contact?

You can also Contact Us with any questions and a member of our team will respond within 2 business days.